Copper Harbor Company does contract chemical manufacturing, blending and packaging of liquid chemicals and dry chemicals. We specialize in hazardous materials and pesitcides, but effectively manufacture a broad range of consumer and industrial goods. From tie-dye kits to proprietary wafer processing chemicals.
We can assist with product design and development, including sourcing of custom platic and tagboard packaging from our Chinese vendors.
We produce your products Safely, Correctly, and On-Time. Our entire staff understands our priorities:

Government Certified Green BusinessCopper Harbor Company is proud to be certified as a 'Green Business' by the Bay Area Green Business Program - a Program developed by Bay Area local governments (ABAG) in collaboration with US EPA, Cal EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control and the business community.
Our commitment to the Bay Area Green Program, the Climate Protection Leadership Program, and general awareness of our impact on the environment and our employees is evidenced in everything we do.

Small Business Spill Response Kit Plant
Our Price: $89.95
Ocean Going Container Loading & Coordination

Our Folks at Work

Quality Assurance
Simon and Jose do random product checks before shipping.